1.6-3.3 kw PV Inverter

On-grid PV Inverter

1.6 / 2.2 / 3.0 / 3.3

The LIVOLTEK GT1-1.6/2.2/3.0/3.3K-S1 is an economical mini inverter developed and designed for home use. GT1 series has advanced topology and precise MPPT algorithm, with the highest conversion efficiency up to 97.8%. It is suitable for different grid voltage ranges in many parts of the world, mainly covering 220V and 230V. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth dual wireless monitoring function, it is convenient and easy to operate.

Product Highlights

  • 150% DC/AC ratio
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.8%
  • Smart APP to monitor & optimize
  • Compatible with external LCD screen
  • 110% AC output for efficient power generation
  • Optional AFCI protection

How it Works

Activate Livoltek Inverter

During registration of the system in the Livoltek APP, the installer needs to activate the Livoltek APP and then Livoltek will start the automatic monitoring of the inverter.

Smart Monitoring System

During the operation of the inverter, the Livoltek monitoring system will automatically monitor the bound equipment around the clock. Users can check the power generation status of the inverter anytime, anywhere. Using Livoltek’s latest Internet technology and intelligent management, you have no worries about daily operation and maintenance, which ensures the best interests of every customer.

Automatic Error Reporting

In the event of a sudden inverter failure, the Livoltek monitoring system will automatically diagnoses, analyzes, and reports the problem immediately, and also notifies the installer and PV system operator. This not only minimizes the downtime of the equipment but also reduces the costly expenses of the user. Meanwhile, regular fault reports also provide the installer with valuable information about the entire system quickly.