Revenue Enhancement Summit 2019

Revenue Enhancement Summit 2019

The Revenue Enhancement Summit was organized by EDM Academy and Hexing in order to discuss about the energy losses, address some of the practical solutions to mitigate the losses and enhance the revenue of the utilities for a sustainable business performance.

The venue of the summit was Gloria Hotel – Maputo and it was held on June 5th, 2019. Fifty-five representatives of EDM, Hexing and Umeme (the Electrical Utility of Uganda) with both technical and commercial backgrounds attended the summit .

The summit initiated with welcome speeches given by the leaders of EDM and Hexing. Subsequently, Mr. Samuel Mendes, the CTO of Hexing in Brazil trained technicians of EDM and delivered full lecture about functions and specifications of the smart prepaid meters. He also elaborated about installation, maintenance and troubleshooting processes.

Mr. Leonardo Uamusse, the respectful representative of EDM addressed some of the  frequent problems and challenges EDM faced during installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance stages.

Hexing demonstrated a live demo to elaborate the practical solutions, assuming several possible scenarios. The event continued with a very effective Q&A session and EDM representatives raised several useful questions that added lots of values to the summit. Hexing appreciated the effective contribution of the attendees and explained practical solutions in a very descriptive manner.

At the end of the training session, the Director of EDM Academy, Mr. Fabiao Cumbe together with the CEO of Hexing Group, Mr. Zhang Shiquan, presented the certificates of achievement to the trainees.

During afternoon session, a discussion panel was arranged. The panel was chaired by Mr. Gadner Vieira, the General manager of Hexing Brazil, Mr. Benjamim Fernandes the Commercial Director of EDM, Mr. Albert Banze, the Distribution Director of EDM, as well as a guest from Umeme to discuss more about losses and possible solutions to boost the operation efficiencies. 

Currently, EDM is suffering from huge energy losses that seize a considerable amount of the annual income. Moreover, old infrastructure and inadequate smart electrical equipment affect the power quality, SAIFI, SAIDI and other important KPIs.

Since participants from EDM, Hexing and Umeme effectively contributed in all discussions , the summit was really fruitful and constructive. It was agreed that EDM should establish a dedicated for loss reduction .

Indeed, Hexing is a well-recognized solution provider with a successful track-record in more than 90 countries including but not limited to Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, etc. Hexing offers end-to-end solutions in a way to create more values for distribution companies and amplify their KPIs by mitigating non-technical losses, enhancing power quality, and improving operational efficiencies.

Hexing is willing to collaborate with EDM to mitigate electrical loss and contribute to EDM’s sustainable development.