Smart Prepayment Meter

Three Phase Keypad Meter (HXE310-KP)

Smart three phase prepayment residential meter with keypad to provide local and remote reading, writing and credit charging through STS standard and varying plug-play communication modules.

  • STS standard/ CTS standard
  • Built-in  control relay
  • Prepaid / Post-paid switch
  • Import and export measurement
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Anti-tamper
  • Load profile
  • Local and remote charge
  • CIU connection

Smart Prepayment Meter

DIN – Rail Split Prepayment Meter (HXP100DIP)

HXP100DIP is a single phase DIN— Rail split prepayment meter.lts compact design enables cost-effective installation.

  • STS standard
  • CTS standard
  • Built-in relay control
  • Prepaid / Post-paid switch
  • Import and export measurement
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Anti-tamper
  • Load profile
  • Local and remote charge
  • CIU connection

Smart Prepayment Meter

Single Phase Keypad Meter (HXE110-KP)

Smart single phase prepayment residential meter with keypad to provide local and remote reading/writing, credit charging through STS standard and unique plug-play communication module.

  • STS standard
  • CTS standard
  • Built-in relay control
  • Prepaid / Post-paid switch
  • Import and export measurement
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Anti-tamper
  • Load profile
  • Local and remote charge
  • CIU connection
  • IP45

Smart Prepayment Meter

DIN – Rail Prepayment Meter (HXP100DII)

HXP100DII is a single phase DIN— Rail split prepayment meter with strong anti-tamper features and high environmental protection. It has a compact design and installation procedure is very simple.

  • STS /CTS Standards
  • Cost effective product
  • Double built-in relay control (P + N)
  • Prepaid / Post-paid switch
  • Import and export measurement
  • IP54 protection
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Anti-tamper
  • Load profile
  • Local and remote charge
  • CIU
  • Neutral measurement

Prefabricated Substation Solutions

The unforeseen circumstance in any form of natural disaster may cause a major problem in power grid. In such an incident, utilities should have a clear action plan toward urgent recovery of the power distribution network, nevertheless, renovation job is always complicated. Even regardless of the incidents, utilities may plan to establish a new substation but due to several barriers such as  constraint of land, inadequate budget, limited time etc. that project may not be feasible. Prefabricated substation could be a great solution to overcome the aforesaid challenges. Hexing offers both stationary (containerize) as well as the portable (trailer-mounted) type of prefabricated substation.

Prefabricated substation is an integrated and modular solution to meet the requirements of the urgent projects and overcome several barriers. It has following advantages over the traditional method of implementing substation projects:

  • It is prefabricated and ready for installation (saving time and cost while maintaining high quality)
  • Occupies minimum land and space.
  • The solution includes Intelligent Cabin Module, HV Incoming Module, MV Distribution Module, Power Transformer Module as well as Auxiliary Module (All-in-one!).
  • Design could be customized based on the special requirements.

  • Modular Design
  • Fast Installation
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Minimum land requirement
  • Minimum civil works
  • Minimum set up & commissioning at site
  • Flexibility in design (customized solution)

iDMS Solutions

Actualizing smartness in distribution network layer like what utility companies expect from smart metering become new target of distribution industry and crucial factor of smart grid deployment. Enhancing distribution network performance tightened with outage reduction, accurate estimation and fast reaction.

Integrated Distribution Management System (iDMS) is a mature combined structure enabling utilities monitor, control and manage distribution network. This ideal system enables utilities fast track the faults and outages, accurately manage the dispatching and restoration processes and meticulously analysis the productivity of network.

Hexing’ iDMS as a backbone of smart grid platform provides variety of developed functions to manage the outages and faults, track the loss and real-time network monitoring & controlling. This combined interoperable structure supports different standards and protocols; IEC-60870-101, IEC-60870-5-104, IEC-870-5-503, Modbus, DNP3.0, IEC-61850 & IEC61970/61968.

This enhanced platform has important position in smart grid deployment to support many different applications like substation and feeder monitoring, outage management and faults evaluation.

  •  Enhancing distribution network performance
  •  Preventing brownout and blackout
  •  Increasing customer satisfaction by offering a more reliable network
  •  Improving distribution network planning
  •  Distribution network stabilizing
  •  Easy interoperable with other 3th party systems over CIM standard
  •  Advanced outage management through FLISR function
  •  Load forecasting

SAS Solutions

Undoubtedly substations are one of the most important part of electrical energy industry with big number of costly equipment and operations providing smart automation opportunities instead of manual data processing. Fast and accurate reaction to the resulting automated system will guarantee a reliable electricity network as well as maturing analyzed data.

Substation Automation System (SAS) is a full automated monitoring and controlling system designed for generation, transmission and distribution substations to precisely track the situation of equipment and unexpected faults. This advanced platform digitizes various manual operations into one resilient structure based on IEC61970, IEC61968, IEC61850 and IEC60870 series standards.

Hexing’ SAS as a complementary part of smart distribution package delivers automated management system to utilities centralizing variety of enhanced monitoring, protection, controlling and stabilizing functions. It works based on a mature SCADA platform and several subsidiary objects like protocol converter to fully operate a substation and equipment like protection relays, BCU, CBs & measurement devices.

Hexing SAS has an important role in managing various types of generation (power planet), transmission and distribution substations.

  • Improving substation management process
  • Facilitation monitoring and protection processes
  • Maximizing failure prevention by fast and accurate monitoring
  • Optimizing substation crew’ operational performance
  • Enhancing voltage and frequency quality
  • Remote accessibility to substations from control center and web application

OMS Solutions

Outage management system (OMS) used in monitoring and reduce the outage duration and help electricity utilities to allocate resources for the system restoration. it can be integrated to (GIS), incorporate with (AMR, AMI) and more from such a comprehensive system. utilities used to face many challenges, for example they need to rethink how they respond to trouble calls, Discover, located and resolve power outages in a more informed, orderly, efficient and timely manner, Become aware of power outages sooner and with greater precision.

Hexing Outage management system enables utilities to live track the outage, it effectively reduces the outage time even assists utility to evaluate the restoration process. Our Outage management system (OMS) is a mature software platform which, monitoring, managing and analyzing outages in a distribution network, the main application systems consist of SCADA/DMS/OMS/MFWM, Provide real-time service and management service.

  • Handle More timely, accurate, organized, displayed data by information management function.
  • Improve organization and efficiency in the dispatch center.
  • Managing natural Disaster by prioritizing the restoration, provide better information for public safety.
  • Ensure the security of data and information.
  • Unified support platform: Systems such as SCADA/DMS/OMS.

SCADA Solutions

Importance of network reliability is enough undeniable for all utility companies to concern about distribution network monitoring, controlling & automation.  Facilitating mentioned processes needs a mature standard platform widely interoperable with other required systems.

Hexing prizes its opportunity to provide utility companies by state-of-the-art SCADA platform paving smart grid. Hexing’ SCADA system designed based on IEC61970, IEC61968, IEC61850 and IEC60870 series Standards, supporting DL476-92, CDT, DNP3.0, SC1801 6.0, Modbus and OPC Protocols and easily interoperable with other distribution management systems and smart equipment (RTU, FTU, DTU, TTU).

Hexing’s SCADA system is a standalone smart platform developed to cover iDMS or SAS systems with foresighted attention to multi-interactional structure and IoT communication.

Representing SCADA system as an individual platform or core of other smart grid systems has various applications in distribution substations management, feeder management, Volt/VAR optimization and advanced network protection and isolation.

  • Outage reduction
  • Efficient network controlling
  • Increasing network reliability
  • Analyzing fault and failures
  • Fault potential estimation in natural events like storm as well as peak time
  • User-friendly interface over HMI, SLD and PDR functions
  • Data clouding technology

ORCA@MDMS Solutions

MDM is a meter data management system that can aggregate metering data to support billing and data analysis. For example, load analysis, tracking, and generating reports to predict future consumption trends. MDM includes many functional modules, including load analysis, outage analysis, line loss analysis, tamper analysis, etc. The core function is VEE: Validation, Estimation and Edition. This function can obtain the integrity of data from the equipment and provide complete and effective measurement data to other business systems.

  • Easy access: a unified interface platform based on CIM standards and protocols, easy to integrate with third-party platforms
  • Rich algorithms: rich verification and estimation rules can meet customers’ daily business needs
  • Report analysis: customizable analysis report and display dashboard
  • Flexibility: flexible and scalable modular software architecture can be provided according to customers’ future growth trend

  • Power analysis and load analysis provide data support for grid planning and demand-side management;  
  • The integration of multiple systems provides unified data and unified application access for power companies to improve management efficiency;  
  • VEE (validation, estimate, edit) provides users with a unified data view and high-quality data, and unified external data release, which improves IT operation efficiency and reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance;  
  • The complete and unified business data provided by MDM effectively supports the realization of advanced business applications such as line loss management, demand-side management, transformer monitoring, etc.

  • With multiple software copyrights
  • The product has entered the Gartner market guidance report supplier list for many consecutive years
  • It has extensive application cases in Africa, Latin America, Bangladesh and other regions