AMI Solutions

Energy consumption trend is increasing day by day, the challenging factor that forces utility companies deal with:

AMI platform is an excellent solution for utilities’ daily challenges when the reliability of billing data collection and security of transferring data become another concerns of utility companies.

Hexing’s AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) is a mature smart energy management platform interacting with different smart meters and sensors over a range of reliable communication channels (RS485/M-Bus/PLC/GPRS/3G/4G/RF/LoRa/NB-IoT/Ethernet).

Representing AMI solution includes smart meters, reliable communication modules, multi-functional data concentrators and interoperable advanced data collection system (HES). It designed based on cloud structure and supports variety of protocols including but not limited to DLMS COSEM, IDIS, IEC61968/61970 and different communications.

AMI platform actualized then settled in most of utilities’ short or long term road maps to be an appropriate structure for residential and C&I metering , Demand Side Management and smart Home applications all resulting in workable loss reduction solution.