ATC&C / Boundary Metering Solutions

Utility companies around the world suffering by different percentage of loss that can be optimized as a network development budget. Unexpected tamper rate, unmanaged electricity bill collection and variety of technical loss will make utilities blind to their revenue and electricity network performance.

Hexing develops a mature loss management platform ATC&C (Aggregate Technical, Commercial & Collection) to monitor, locate and analysis a combination of different technical and non-technical losses. It represents overall and individual losses based on 4 different resources (feeder, transformer area, voltage level & zone). In case there is no access to some metering nodes over lack of communication channel in meter, an advanced HHU can collect data and immediately transfer to HES over cellular 3G/4G network.

ATC&C system is representing revenue protection concept over 3 mature individual platforms:

This platform developed for several applications that are common resources of loss in all distribution networks like distribution lines, distribution transformers, boundary areas, current transformers and end-user AMR/AMI meters.