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Smart AC EV Charger-EV Charger Supplier

Single-phase 7.3kW
Three-phase 11/22kW

The Livoltek Smart AC EV Charger is a stylish and efficient solution suitable for both wall and column installations. It is compact, visually appealing, and easy to install, providing seamless, independent, and cost-effective charging. It is an ideal choice for passenger vehicle owners looking to maximize the benefits of time-of-use tariffs and PV systems.

Product Highlights

  • PV Charging
    • Harness 100% renewable energy by seamlessly integrating with existing PV systems
  • Dynamic Charging
    • Protect your home load without fuss with dynamic charging support
  • Safe and Reliable
    • Built-in 6mA DC RCD/Overload/Earth Linkage/Surge Protection/Overall Full Protection
  • Time of Use Tariff
    • Optimize charging costs by setting local schedule tariffs during low-rate periods
  • OTA Remote Access
    • Manage your charging anytime, anywhere, with the Livoltek app for remote access

How it Works

Fast Mode

What it does: Charges your vehicle at a fixed power,
whether from renewable energy or the grid.

For you: It’s like having a reliable, straightforward
charger, even without solar panels.

Dynamic Mode

What it does: Adjusts charging power
based on your home’s energy consumption
or generation.

For you: Smart and adaptable, just like
having your charger tune itself to your
home’s needs.

ECO Mode

What it does: Maximizes green
energy use, drawing from both renewable sources and the Livoltek battery pack.

For you: A green powerhouse that
minimizes grid use and keeps your
car charged efficiently.


Product Core Data Comparison

Smart Solar EV Charger

Rated Power7.3kW
Rated Voltage230Vac
Rated Current32A
Vehicle ConnectorType 1
IP DegreeIP54

Smart Solar EV Charger

Rated Power11kW
Rated Voltage400Vac
Rated Current16A
Vehicle ConnectorType 2
IP DegreeIP54