Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 in Bangladesh

Hexing Electrical Company Limited Successfully Showcased Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions

Hexing Electrical Company Limited, a global leader in innovative Power, Energy and Green energy solutions, successfully participated in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 held in Bangladesh organized by the Embassy of China in Bangladesh.

Hexing showcased its state-of-the-art Inverters, All-in-One Energy Storage solutions, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, Smart Meters, and an array of other cutting-edge products at the exhibition.

On that platform, the company has launched its All In One Energy Storage product for Bangladesh. Mr. Lokman Hossain Miah, Executive Chairman (Senior Secretary), BIDA has inaugurated the revolutionary product All in one energy storage along with prominent officials from the Embassy of China in Bangladesh, Chinese Enterprises of Bangladesh and Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce.

As a prominent participant in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo, Hexing demonstrated its commitment to sustainable and smart energy solutions. The company’s innovative products align with the global initiative’s objectives to enhance international cooperation, promote green energy, and foster economic connectivity.

Highlights of Hexing’s Showcase at the Expo:

Inverters: Hexing showcased its advanced inverter solutions designed to optimize energy conversion and distribution. These inverters are integral components of it’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient power solutions for various applications.

All-in-One Energy Storage: Hexing’s comprehensive energy storage solutions were featured, emphasizing the company’s dedication to creating sustainable and resilient energy ecosystems. These systems play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency and promoting grid stability.

EV Chargers: Hexing’s Electric Vehicle charging solutions took center stage, showcasing the company’s role in advancing the infrastructure for electric mobility. Hexing’s EV chargers are designed to be fast, efficient, and compatible with various vehicle types, contributing to the global shift towards cleaner transportation.

Smart Meters: Hexing presented its cutting-edge smart metering solutions, emphasizing the importance of digital technology in the modernization of energy distribution networks. These smart meters enable real-time monitoring and efficient management of energy consumption. Hexing showcased its Smart Electrical Meters, Smart Gas meters, Smart Water meters, Data Concentrator Units and many other high-tech solutions.

Mr. Song Yang, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of China in Bangladesh visited our booth and expressed his good wishes to Hexing Electrical Company Limited.

Visitors and media crowd have been seen in the Hexing’s booth. Visitors, journalists, media and other business entities were keen to know about the new technologies from Hexing. 

Hexing Electrical Company Limited has also received an award for setting up Regional headquarters of South Asia in Bangladesh and the contributions to the development of Bangladesh and the social responsibility activities for Bangladesh from The Embassy of China to Bangladesh.

Hexing Electrical Company Limited looks forward to leveraging its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 to foster collaborations, exchange insights, contribute to build a Green World through sustainable energy solutions.


Annual Conference of Hexing Bangladesh

Annual Conference of Hexing Bangladesh

Annual Conference of Hexing Bangladesh held at Dhaka with the spirit of working for the development of Bangladesh. Simon Ye, Regional CEO; Leo Xu, Regional Director; Peter Pan, Project Director, and high officials from power distribution utilities like BPDB, DPDC, DESCO were present at the conference.

The objective of the Annual conference of Hexing has been exchanging experiences, sharing innovation, transformation, business leadership and various aspects of the ever-changing business landscape of Hexing as a global company and to encourage employees to put the best effort to take Bangladesh to a new height. The program was attended by 250 employees of Hexing from all over Bangladesh.

Hexing introduced Smart Pre-Payment meters in Bangladesh. Smart Prepayment meters have reduced system loss, improved revenue collection efficiency and created an electricity-saving attitude among the consumers of Bangladesh. Now a total number of 15 lac Hexing Pre-payment meters are installed in Bangladesh at the customer premises and the whole country will be under prepayment metering soon. Customers are paying only as much they use without any worry for extra bills and enjoying convenient vending from home.

Simon Ye, Regional CEO, Hexing Bangladesh said, “We are determined to maintain our technological leadership in Bangladesh with our solutions. In order to deliver our smart solution to digital Bangladesh, we have established a joint venture electrical product manufacturing factory with State-owned West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (WZPDCL) named ‘Bangladesh Smart Electrical Company Limited’ in Khulna. To recognize the valuable contributions of our colleagues, it is the first time we have arranged this conference in Bangladesh. The aim of this conference is to increase team cohesion and sense of belonging for Hexing. We hope that our team will work more dedicatedly this year so that we can create more satisfaction and value for our clients.”

Hexing is serving Bangladesh gracefully since 1997 with the utilities of Bangladesh with latest products and innovation-driven technology. Today, more than 90 countries across the world are utilizing Hexing products and solutions for better tomorrow. With a mission of working with the global utilities with sustainable operational efficiency, Hexing is dedicated to serving the utilities of Bangladesh as a partner in development.

Hexing at FISE Exhibition 2019

Hexing at FISE Exhibition 2019

On December 4th-6th, 2019, the 8th FISE exhibition was held in Medellin, Colombia.

On the field, Hexing booth was popular with hundreds of coming guests and visitors, who made in-depth exchanges with the company’s technical engineers on the solutions and products.

The exhibition involved technical and academic exchange activities, covering topics such as smart meters, smart grids, data management, AMR & AMI, etc. Nearly 18,000 professionals came to visit.

On the exhibition, Hexing displayed its five core solutions, including:

Solution 1: Hexing’s Next-Generation AMI solution

With a large-screen animation display, physical sample and system live demo, Hexing showed its IPV6 network topology, operation and maintenance software and real-time meter reading and load control technology.

Solution 2: Smart Cluster Metering Solution

This solution is mainly for high-loss areas like Central America and the Caribbean. The RF cascaded collectors with plug and play meters to show system how to protect tamper by disconnecting the relay when door is opening.

Solution 3: The ECG solution

Based on edge computing, the ECG solution is mainly for the Latin American distribution transformer monitoring and totalizer solutions, paving the way for multifunction scenarios with edge computing terminal.

Solution 4: UIP Software Platform

UIP software platform is mainly used to show data and information sharing between software systems.

Solution 5: Automation Distribution Solution

Hexing ADMS solution help customers improve fault location, quickly remove fault areas, and restore power supply in non-fault areas. Through fine-grained management of the power grid, it can effectively help customers locate, analyze and manage line losses, and effectively reduce line losses.

In all, Hexing will help partners to achieve their business goals with professionalism and dedication and with smart products to total solutions to customized services, Hexing is a trustable choice and a professional partner!

In Latin America, Hexing has been serving more than 15 countries for 10 years, with business covering distributed energy and micro grids, distribution network automation, intelligent metering and charging, and operation and maintenance services.

Moreover, Hexing has formed an international management team and a local marketing team in Latin America. At present, Hexing helps power utilities in Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica and many other countries to lower line losses and improve efficiency, and strives to bring continuous innovative technologies, products and solutions to customers.

Revenue Enhancement Summit 2019

Revenue Enhancement Summit 2019

The Revenue Enhancement Summit was organized by EDM Academy and Hexing in order to discuss about the energy losses, address some of the practical solutions to mitigate the losses and enhance the revenue of the utilities for a sustainable business performance.

The venue of the summit was Gloria Hotel – Maputo and it was held on June 5th, 2019. Fifty-five representatives of EDM, Hexing and Umeme (the Electrical Utility of Uganda) with both technical and commercial backgrounds attended the summit .

The summit initiated with welcome speeches given by the leaders of EDM and Hexing. Subsequently, Mr. Samuel Mendes, the CTO of Hexing in Brazil trained technicians of EDM and delivered full lecture about functions and specifications of the smart prepaid meters. He also elaborated about installation, maintenance and troubleshooting processes.

Mr. Leonardo Uamusse, the respectful representative of EDM addressed some of the  frequent problems and challenges EDM faced during installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance stages.

Hexing demonstrated a live demo to elaborate the practical solutions, assuming several possible scenarios. The event continued with a very effective Q&A session and EDM representatives raised several useful questions that added lots of values to the summit. Hexing appreciated the effective contribution of the attendees and explained practical solutions in a very descriptive manner.

At the end of the training session, the Director of EDM Academy, Mr. Fabiao Cumbe together with the CEO of Hexing Group, Mr. Zhang Shiquan, presented the certificates of achievement to the trainees.

During afternoon session, a discussion panel was arranged. The panel was chaired by Mr. Gadner Vieira, the General manager of Hexing Brazil, Mr. Benjamim Fernandes the Commercial Director of EDM, Mr. Albert Banze, the Distribution Director of EDM, as well as a guest from Umeme to discuss more about losses and possible solutions to boost the operation efficiencies. 

Currently, EDM is suffering from huge energy losses that seize a considerable amount of the annual income. Moreover, old infrastructure and inadequate smart electrical equipment affect the power quality, SAIFI, SAIDI and other important KPIs.

Since participants from EDM, Hexing and Umeme effectively contributed in all discussions , the summit was really fruitful and constructive. It was agreed that EDM should establish a dedicated for loss reduction .

Indeed, Hexing is a well-recognized solution provider with a successful track-record in more than 90 countries including but not limited to Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, etc. Hexing offers end-to-end solutions in a way to create more values for distribution companies and amplify their KPIs by mitigating non-technical losses, enhancing power quality, and improving operational efficiencies.

Hexing is willing to collaborate with EDM to mitigate electrical loss and contribute to EDM’s sustainable development.