Recloser & Switch

ZW20 Outdoor Overhead Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW20 is a 3 phase vacuum circuit breaker with rated voltage of 12kV for operating frequency of 50HZ. This product is designed to be mounted on the pole. This product has connecting and disconnecting functions to protect the overhead line feeders from overload, over current and short circuit current. ZW20 has a wide range of application in power distribution networks as well as mining, traction control, etc. ZW20 is equipped with a controller in order to comply with requirement of the smart grids.

  • Convent and flexible operation.
  • Excellent disconnection performance. Support up to 25KA and 30 times circuit breaker occurs.
  • Flexible installation. (just need to lift up on the pole and install it on a simple stand).
  • Equipped with a protection valve, to relief the pressure and prevent the explosion.
  • High protection level (IP67)

Recloser & Switch

ZW32 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32 outdoor MV vacuum circuit breaker is designed for overhead distribution network up to 38kV. This product can break load current, overload current and short current. ZW32 supports manual as well as automatic operation modes. Both springs operation and permanent magnet operation are available as options.

  • Equipped with Arc interrupting chamber (safety & reliability)
  • Manual and automatic (motorized) operation
  • Installation of an isolator switch before vacuum circuit breaker to increase the level of safety during operation & maintenance (optional)

Recloser & Switch

HXD820 Cutout Single-Phase Recloser

HXD820 Cutout single-phase recloser, can be installed directly on a fuse insulator, as a current protection equipment in lateral lines, and a replacement to cut-out fuse.

It can automatically operate to protect the network following the user configured parameters opening the circuit on a single-phase overcurrent fault event (ANSI50/51) and auto reclose(ANSI 79) based in customer settings, restoring power supply in seconds if the fault is not permanent, the grid reliability can be greatly improved. 

HXD820 is characterized by a product with a clean design, lightweight, self-powered, self-protection functions, locally open & close operation, with live line installation capability.

  • Higher reliability of power distribution, improve the customer experience
  • Reduces operational and maintenance cost
  • Lower revenue loss due to less outage time
  • Higher compliance with the standards from regulatory authority