GPRS Smart Gas MeterTwo-pipe diaphragm gas meter Atmos HP G1.6A I Atmos HP G2.5A

The GPRS smart gas meter are designed based on mechanical meter, integrated with a smart plug-in GPRS device, which connect to the already reserved interface of mechanical counter to receive the pulse, and realize Mechanic-Electronic transformation and storage the consumption data, events and alarm with a controller with GPRS module and GPRS SIM card, and realize the function of remote meter reading. It enables gas utilities to read a meter without entering the home. The gas utilities can manage the information of residential meters through GPRS application system to a great extend saving the cost of manual meter reading.


  • Compliant with EN1359, OIML standards
  • Integrated designing of gas meter and valve
  • Long-term accuracy and reliability
  • IP65

Performance characteristics

  • Pre-installed long-life lithium battery (replaceable)
  • Remote reading
  • Built-in valve for valve controlling
  • LCD display&Mechanic index
  • Touch push button
  • Anti-magnetic Interference
  • Cover and Lithium battery cover tamper-proof
  • GPRS technology available
  • Alarm report function
  • Data storage function
  • Infrared optical interface
  • Alarm for vibration with sensors
  • NFC card function for payment, events and account management