Three Phase 

Smart Keypad Prepayment Meter

  • HXE330 is a new generation of three phase
  • Smart keypad prepayment meter which 
  • Migrating CTS with AMI functions.
  • It Provides local and remote credit charging.  
  • The meter is supported by Hexing’s  
  • Sophisticated vending system software


➢ Ultrasonic structure with high security and protection degree. 

➢ CTS standard protocol ensures an open and secure operating system. 

➢ Optical communication, open protocol: DLMS/COSEM (E mode). 

➢ Internal switch relay for load demand control by configuration or remote communication.

➢ Prepayment and post-payment mode switchable for users’ convenience. 

➢ A plug-and-play communication module(GPRS/PLC/RF). 

➢ Built-in RS485 communication.

Main Functionalities 


· Class1.0 accuracy 

· Three element four quadrant · Import & Export kWh 

· Import & Export kvarh 

· Record active energy in tariffs ·

· Unidirectional Measurement 

Instantaneous Values 

· Power, Voltage, Current 

· Power Factor, Frequency 

· Phase Angles 

Power Quality 

· Under & Over voltage  

· Power down 

· Voltage & Current unbalance 

· Phase sequence & Current reverse 


· Block / Slide mode 

· Period Interval configurable (typically 5, 10,  15, 30 or 60 minutes) 

· Maximum value with time stamp 


· 20 digit encryption token 

· CTS standard in Bangladesh  

· Open relay automatically if credit run out · LED and Buzzer warning when Low credit  · Emergency Credit  

· Friendly mode 

· Local and remote charge 

· Prepaid and Post-paid switch

Events & Alarms 

· Power grid events 

· Relay control events 

· Anti-tampering events 

· Standard events 

· Up to 100 event records with time stamp 


· Large LCD display 

· Backlight (optional) 

· Configurable automatic & manual display list  · OBIS codes (according to IEC62056-61) · Display readable without main power 

Load profile  

· Load control according to power limit  threshold  

· Max power limit threshold programmable · Up to two time periods programmable . · Activation time of the load allocation  


· Relay status indicator 

· Relay malfunction indicator 


· Maximum support 12-month billing data 

· Maximum support 32-days billing data · Automatic reset 


· Accuracy ≤ 0.5s/day (23℃)  

· Quartz crystal time resource  

· Gregorian calendar 

· Remote & Local synchronization  

· RWP (Read without Power) 

· Exchangeable Lithium Battery 

Tariffs (optional) 

· Up to 4 tariffs 

· Up to 8 day table 

· Up to 12 week tables 

· Up to 12 season tables 

· Up to 100 holiday & special days tables  · Passive TOU 

· Up to 4 step tariffs 


· 3 independent communication ports 

· Simultaneous individual operation · Optical port: IEC62056-21E 

· Optical port sealable (optional) 

· HAN port: RS485 (RJ12 type) 

· Firmware upgradable  

· Modular plug-play 2G / 3G / PLC / RF  communication units 

· Remote firmware upgrade 

Local and Remote Access 

· PC software / HHU 

· Hexing’s Central System  

Third part system


Description Value
Accuracy Active class 1  Reactive class 2
Voltage Reference voltage  Operating voltage range3×230/400V 70%-130%Un
Current Basic current Maximum current Starting current5A 100A <0.4%Ib
Frequency 50Hz 
Temperature Operation range Limit range for storage and transport-25℃ to +55℃ -40℃ to +75℃
Humidity Up to 95% 
Power Consumption Power consumption in voltage circuit (active) Power consumption in voltage circuit (apparent) Power consumption in current circuit≤5W ≤10VA ≤2.5 VA
Insulation Strength AC voltage test Impulse voltage test4kV during 1min 1.2/50µs mains connections 6kV
EMC Electrostatic discharges(Contact discharges) Electrostatic discharges(Air discharges) Surge immunity test Fast transient burst test Electromagnetic RF fields (80MHz to 2000MHz)8kV 15kV 4kV 4kV 10V/m(with current), 30V/m(without current)
Connection Terminals 8.2*8.8mm
Housing Protection degree Meter cove Meter base Terminal coverIP54 Opaque PC+ fiber glass with a transparent window Opaque PC+ fiber glass Opaque PC+ fiber glass
Display Digit size Number of digits10mm x 6mm 8
Communication Interface Optical communication RS485communication A plug-and-play communication moduleDLMS/COSEM and IDIS DLMS/COSEM and IDIS DLMS/COSEM and IDIS
Weight Net weight Approx.1.71kg(without communication module) Approx.1.77kg(+GPRS communication module)
Approx.1.77kg(+PLC communication module) Approx. 1.77kg (+RF communication module)
Dimension 286.4mm×170.1mm×89.7mm (Long terminal cover)


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IEC62053-21Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) Particular requirements –Part 21:Static meters for active  energy(classes 1 and 2)
IEC62053-23Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) – Particular requirements –Part 23: Static meters for reactive energy  (classes 2 and 3)
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IEC62056-62 Electricity metering – Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control – Part 62:Interface classes


Connection Diagram