Battery- Low Voltage Battery

Residential Energy Storage System

Residential Lithium Battery

BLF51 Wall-mounted Battery

51.2V | 100Ah | LFP Cell

Meet the LIVOLTEK BLF51 Battery Series – an efficient solution for home energy storage. Ideal for new installations or retrofitting existing PV systems, the BLF51 offers high energy density, saving space for indoor or outdoor use. Its flexible expansion adapts to evolving energy demands, providing a practical and enduring choice.

Product Highlights

  • Reliable Performance & High efficiency and 90% DoD
  • Long Cycle Life and Safest Prismatic LFP Batteries
  • Intelligent BMS with multiple protections
  • Double and Robust Mechanical Protection
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Expansion by Modular Design

How it Works

Advanced Safety

Ensure safe indoor and outdoor use with IP65 high-level
protection, offering advanced safety for your residential
energy storage.

Scalable Modularity

Tailor your storage needs with scalable and parallel expansion,
ranging from 5kWh to 25kWh, providing a customized
solution for every home.

Extended Lifespan

Prolong the lifespan of your energy storage solution with
increased cycle life and a 90% Depth of Discharge (DoD),
enhancing PV self-consumption.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with third-party storage inverters, the BLF51
ensures easy integration into your existing energy system, offering
a seamless and efficient energy storage solution.


Product Core Data Comparison

Low Voltage Battery

Total Energy5kWh
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Max. Discharge Current100A
Max. Parallel Number5 Units