Smart Metering AMI Solutions

Why digital transformation is imperative for water utilities?

Difficult to read the meter

Harsh installation environment, meter reading sites are usually in underground wells.
to read meters, high labour costs and prone to human error in meter reading.

Difficult to charge

High historical arrears, creating a vicious cycle. Long cycle of meter reading and payment. Poor incentive to pay in rural areas.

High leakage loss

With utilities losing up to 30% of their water supply through leakages, non-revenue water continues to plague the industry

Zlink Meter To Cash Solution Overview

Zlink’s meter to cash solution helps water utilities to start their digital transformation and move into the era of smart metering. On the one hand, it helps water utilities to change their operation mode from manual to information and digital.

By analysing, processing and forecasting large volumes of data, the entire production, management and service of the water system is managed in a more granular and dynamic way. On the other hand, water resources can be conserved and digital technology can be used to improve the pipe network and to reduce leakage losses to less than 10% by means of leak detection and testing water pressure.

Water Division

Save a lot of meter reading labor and time costs, avoid manual meter reading errors, and reduce disputes with users; Real-time monitoring of water consumption, active warnings when abnormal water consumption occurs, and timely detection of whether there is a pipe network rupture; Improve cash flow. For prepaid users, charge first before using water; for postpaid users, if water fees are in arrears, they can close the valve remotely and urge users to pay in time; High reliability, low operation and maintenance, can adapt to various complex on-site meter reading scenarios.


There is no need for the water company to come to read the meter, it is safe and not disturbed; You can learn about water usage online at any time, and deal with any abnormalities in time to avoid waste; Multiple payment channels, online payment and recharge, no need to go to on-site outlets; Caring for the elderly living alone, reminding you of abnormal water use for a long period of time.

  • It has a relatively complete protocol library, supports common equipment communication protocols at home and abroad, and has access to more than 30 equipment from more than 20 manufacturers.
  • Open IoT access. Support common remote communication methods GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT/Wi-SUN.
  • The system is based on modularization and plug-in design, which can be deployed in clusters, with a single device access capacity of 300,000, and can be expanded horizontally according to customer needs.
  • The system supports two databases, Oracle and Mysql, and can be deployed in a single, dual, and cluster various ways.

Public communication network architecture

We provide a one-stop solution from data sensing, data transmission to data collection, integrating flexible and diverse IoT sensing technologies to meet applications in different scenarios.

① The backbone of the hybrid wireless network is Wi-SUN compliant, supports up to 24-level node self-organizing networks, and supports 150kbps high-speed communication links.
② Hybrid wireless network access network using LoRa scheme, low power anti-jamming, transmission distance, to meet a variety of intelligent water meter installation scenarios.
③ Trunk communication equipment backtransage can be used on demand 3G/4G cellular wireless network.

The terminal communication module uses ultra-low power wireless communication technology, adopts the unique intelligent sleep and wake-up algorithm, and supports the intelligent water meter battery power operation for more than 10 years.

① Backbone communication equipment Wi-SUN gateway and intelligent relay equipment industrial-grade equipment, IP67 waterproof and dust-proof, product design life of 15 years.
② A single Wi-SUN gateway AP can support access to up to 10,000 water meters, and the maximum can cover areas with a radius of 3KM.

① Hybrid wireless network supports the whole network automatic network, ready-to-use, can be remotely optimized network parameters and fault operation and maintenance.
② AP/Data Collector Communication devices support firmware differential upgrade FOTA.

  • Get water using information instantly, find abnormalities out in time, to avoid waste.
  • Prepaid recharge in cellphone APP,meter reading in backstage at same time,and upload statistics to main station.

  • When AMI Communication failure, could Make-up meter reading on site.
  • Could promote users to read meter by themselves.

  • DN40 and over large diameter industry and commercial water meter

  • Small diameter residential water meter large diameter industry and commercial water meter
  • NB-IoT Network signal coverage is well provided、cheap communication fees country and area.