Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 in Bangladesh

Hexing Electrical Company Limited Successfully Showcased Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions

Hexing Electrical Company Limited, a global leader in innovative Power, Energy and Green energy solutions, successfully participated in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 held in Bangladesh organized by the Embassy of China in Bangladesh.

Hexing showcased its state-of-the-art Inverters, All-in-One Energy Storage solutions, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, Smart Meters, and an array of other cutting-edge products at the exhibition.

On that platform, the company has launched its All In One Energy Storage product for Bangladesh. Mr. Lokman Hossain Miah, Executive Chairman (Senior Secretary), BIDA has inaugurated the revolutionary product All in one energy storage along with prominent officials from the Embassy of China in Bangladesh, Chinese Enterprises of Bangladesh and Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce.

As a prominent participant in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo, Hexing demonstrated its commitment to sustainable and smart energy solutions. The company’s innovative products align with the global initiative’s objectives to enhance international cooperation, promote green energy, and foster economic connectivity.

Highlights of Hexing’s Showcase at the Expo:

Inverters: Hexing showcased its advanced inverter solutions designed to optimize energy conversion and distribution. These inverters are integral components of it’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient power solutions for various applications.

All-in-One Energy Storage: Hexing’s comprehensive energy storage solutions were featured, emphasizing the company’s dedication to creating sustainable and resilient energy ecosystems. These systems play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency and promoting grid stability.

EV Chargers: Hexing’s Electric Vehicle charging solutions took center stage, showcasing the company’s role in advancing the infrastructure for electric mobility. Hexing’s EV chargers are designed to be fast, efficient, and compatible with various vehicle types, contributing to the global shift towards cleaner transportation.

Smart Meters: Hexing presented its cutting-edge smart metering solutions, emphasizing the importance of digital technology in the modernization of energy distribution networks. These smart meters enable real-time monitoring and efficient management of energy consumption. Hexing showcased its Smart Electrical Meters, Smart Gas meters, Smart Water meters, Data Concentrator Units and many other high-tech solutions.

Mr. Song Yang, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of China in Bangladesh visited our booth and expressed his good wishes to Hexing Electrical Company Limited.

Visitors and media crowd have been seen in the Hexing’s booth. Visitors, journalists, media and other business entities were keen to know about the new technologies from Hexing. 

Hexing Electrical Company Limited has also received an award for setting up Regional headquarters of South Asia in Bangladesh and the contributions to the development of Bangladesh and the social responsibility activities for Bangladesh from The Embassy of China to Bangladesh.

Hexing Electrical Company Limited looks forward to leveraging its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative Expo 2023 to foster collaborations, exchange insights, contribute to build a Green World through sustainable energy solutions.