Ring Main Unit

Air Insulated RMU

HXHB-12 represents solid insulated series of the RMU . The nitrogen or dry compressed air is used as insulating medium. Meanwhile there is a vacuum interrupter. The protection level of HXHB-12 is IP67, the entire switching device is fully sealed to be isolated from external environment, which ensures a safe and reliable operation.

  • Eco-friendly (using nitrogen or compressed gas)
  • High level of safety (sealing live compartments by  nitrogen or dry compressed air) 
  • Compact design that needs minimum space for installation (W : 420 mm * H : 1600mm)

Ring Main Unit

SF6 Gas Insulated RMU

This model of series HXGN-12  is  gas insulated RMU. The SF6 gas is injected inside an isolation chamber to seal all live compartments. HXGN-12 is widely applicable in MV distribution networks (12/24 kV) .

  • Safe Operation
  • Economic  (up to 20 years maintenance-free operation).
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Expandable